I am an educator in the West Vancouver School District in British Columbia with a passion for ecological education and place-based learning. I am fortunate to work at a community school on Bowen Island; a place where educators, parents, students, and community members are involved in the dreaming, planning, and implementation of our curriculum.

But why have I started this blog? This is a question I’ve asked myself many times. Is this blog for me? For you? For influence? Ultimately I hope this is a place to engage in a dialogue with others; however I am content to have this be a space in which to reflect. In the words of Dean Shareski,”if indeed we think reflecting is important, if we want our kids to be reflective, we better start modeling it.”

Below is a poem I wrote in 2007, as I started my Masters in Environmental Education and Communication at Royal Roads University. The thoughts ring true today. Thanks for visiting.

Inside of me

There is a voice

Yearning for dialogue,

Yet longing to listen.

Worries of perception

Echo in its intonation.

Is the tone irrelevant?

Merely a drone against a sea of greater glory?

My break wall of thoughts

Stands guard to this insecurity

And the dance of discourse

Reaffirms and renews.

Inside of me there is a voice

Content to speak aloud

And to be heard by no one…

But me.

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