A Learner and Leadership Profile

With the introduction of the Core Competencies in BC’s new curriculum, all members of the education community are exploring ways to make the competencies more explicit in their teaching and learning. I recently had the opportunity to work with our Learning Support Teacher, Matt Pugliese, to design a Learner Profile for the Core Competencies. Our original focus was to support the identified students in my class who have difficulty seeing and reflecting on their strengths or who may feel overwhelmed with the number of competency facets. However, we recognized that all of our learners would also benefit from a consistent approach from grade to grade, and even from elementary to secondary school, to increase their confidence in reflecting and celebrating their growth. Therefore, we extended our focus to the creation of a digital learner profile that would work across grades and schools and provide specific strategies for each competency in the form of hyperlinked documents that students can reference whenever they feel stuck or unsure. We are very proud of our work and look forward to feedback as we utilize it with our students.


The purpose of this blog post, though, is to extend this learner profile to a leadership profile. I had the opportunity to attend some workshops and keynote speaker sessions at the recent Learning Forward Conference in Vancouver, many that focussed on improving instructional leadership and professional learning in our schools. Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves spoke of the need to have both professional learning (i.e. new ways of doing things) and professional development (i.e. growth in areas such as collaboration and ethical decision-making; change and maturity in practice). This aligns nicely with the focus on Core Competencies for our students: students learn new concepts and strategies that assist in the long-term development of their communication, thinking, and personal and social competencies.

In the tables below, I’ve provided a picture of the Learner Profile strategies we developed for each competency and elaborated on the ways I think this profile can be extended and used for school leaders.





I look forward to using this Leadership Profile to guide my professional learning and development as a school leader. I’m interested to hear from other leaders! Please send me your feedback – What should be omitted or clarified in these charts? What should be added?

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